18 окт. 2011 г.

From an ex-student of Languages International

No miracle can make you become fluent in English but you can learn to become fluent if you want to. Do you want to just learn English or speak English, write and read (and think) in English? If it is the latter that you want – Languages International is for you. As for me, I came to New Zealand from Russia. Nick tested me and signed me up to an Intermediate level group. Three months later I got 6.5 overall at my IELTS.  Not bad? That became a reality because of:

  •          Brilliant, motivational teachers (all of them : =) )
  •          Great learning software and multimedia centre
  •          Interesting course content and effective course delivery
  •          A Russian counsellor who is always there to help you
  •          Non-stop English environment all over me
  •         Stimulating outdoor school activities

А по-русски я обычно говорю так: "есть много мест, где можно учить английский язык, но если ты хочешь его выучить - едь в  НЗ - англоговорящую страну" и рассказываю про Languages International. Боюсь только, что в английском языке такая игра слов не пройдет...:-)))  

Юлия Рубцова (Yuliya Rubtsova)