16 июл. 2010 г.

TESOL Graduates 2010: “New Zealand is a good place for getting your education”

Brillant results were achieved by Lada Shadaeva and Irina Tukhta, two teachers from Russia who successfully completed our TESOL course in July. On their last day at school Lada and Irina shared their thoughts on their experience at Languages International and in New Zealand.

Apart from the obvious benefits of TESOL for me as a teacher, I have also noticed that my speaking and listening had improved. It is often confidence that people need and I think that TESOL has given me a bit of a boost (smiles). Learning Centre is a great asset for TESOL trainees. There is a wide range of materials available – from dictionaries and TESOL preparation to online tasks and the Learning Web software . This is where you go to work on your assignments. Teachers on duty are extremely helpful, too! I would like to add that the homestay is an integral part of the whole New Zealand experience –and my hostfamily was just lovely; they looked after me really well!

My host mother was an amazing woman, too – a perfect companion and a great listener with whom you could have a pleasant and meaningful conversation just about anything and everything. I have to say that as a nation, New Zealanders have stricken me as very friendly, laid back and happy people! Regarding TESOL, I think that while some tasks may seem easy from the lecturer's point of vew, the course was pretty full on. Observing LI teachers – HD, Simon, May Ann - was certainly the course's highlight; I wish we had more observation lessons of experienced teachers during the course! Special thanks to our TESOL tutors Karen, Amanda and Craig for their efforts and dedication